Plumbing System: Spring Cleaning Checklist

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It’s time to prepare for spring and the upcoming hot weather in the summer season. It is nice to watch the flowers bloom in the springtime. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and solemn. However, great weather also comes with great responsibility. 

Maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are a few factors that need your responsibility. The plumbing system is one of the parts of your house that can suffer the most during winter, especially if your location is prone to a winter storm. 

The roof, walls, drains, etc., tend to get dirty and have a debris build-up after a winter storm. As a homeowner, what can you do to give back a little love and attention to your plumbing system? To have a good and beautiful home, here are some tips every homeowner can do for springtime maintenance.

Clean up your Garbage disposals

Garbage disposals help you segregate your trash before throwing it into the bins. Whether you always use your garbage disposals, it recommends cleaning them thoroughly. Keeping your garbage stacked quickly is best to avoid foul odors and a dirty environment that messes up your drainage system.

Furthermore, everyone can easily avoid clogged sink drains or garbage disposals.

First, avoid pouring grease, oil, egg shells, oatmeals, rice, bones, and other debris that may form inside the pipe after a while. These are why your garbage disposals get packed, and the kitchen sink doesn’t work since it’s clogged.

Next, pour cold water, baking soda, and citrus rinds into the crowded area. It helps dissolve buildup, and it maintains a fresh smell. Lastly, the key is always to remember what materials are only allowed in the garbage disposals, such as small and soft foods, liquids, dish soaps, and any soft waste. This is the least you can do if you want to avoid putting chemicals in your garbage disposals.


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Clean your bathrooms while you’re taking a bath 

The bathroom is the place for cleaning. However, this location also needs some attention and requires cleanliness. When taking a bath, take it as the chance to clean the bathroom if you aren’t in a hurry. For example, use soap on the floor to clean the bathroom drains. Remove hairs, soap build-ups, and other residues. 

Also, make sure to remember to clean the shower head. Mineral build-ups can also occur on the showerhead without your awareness. by wiping the showerhead with a cloth. If the water pressure in your shower is too low, it could be because of mineral build-ups. 

Lastly, clean up the toilet if there are any dirty areas. Cleaning your toilet means avoiding clogging and hassle, especially in the morning. But don’t forget to clean the bathroom sinks so that in the future, you won’t need the use of plungers. Not throwing trash in the toilet or any other part of the bathroom is necessary.

Say hello to your water heater.

The water heater is also a part of your plumbing system. It’s connected to your pipes and is not only a device for making your water warmer in the morning. It also needs care and maintenance. There are a few signs that your water heater needs cleaning or sometimes a repair. Don’t let your water heater break down to avoid hassle and more expenses.

The first sign you must check is that your water heater is moist. There may be an imbalance in the temperature. Next is low water pressure; the warm water doesn’t last long, funny smell, rust in the water, and a weird noise coming from the water heater. The water heater is usually cranking due to its mechanical part moving. However, it can also indicate a problem with your water heater.

Aside from the usual cleaning of your water heater, check if there are signs of breaking down in your heater. The standard solution is regular maintenance like you have a scheduled time for cleaning. The water heater lasts 7-10 years with everyday use. So take care of your water heater, or call for plumbing services in San Francisco when needed.

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Check for leakage and water drips.

Water leakage and drips are typically in faucets, kitchens, showerheads, and garden hoses. No matter how tight you close the valve, the water leaks and the droplets continue. It might be expected, but it doesn’t mean it suits your plumbing system. To avoid paying an expensive water bill, check every leakage in your house.

Leakage and water drips can result from different reasons, such as broken pipes, unregulated water pressure, pipe damage, or faulty fixtures. To inspect it, you can open your kitchen sink, an example. Then check if any pipes have broken down. When you notice a broken line, replace it with a new one or use a sealant.

If the leakage doesn’t stop and more areas in your house have a leakage, it’s better to call a professional. Some leaking problems might require a more complex solution that only an experienced person can do. To avoid getting your house wet, check your fixtures regularly.

Replace old pipes and fixtures.

Springtime and summer have beautiful weather. It is the perfect season to try something new for your home. And during springtime, inspect for damaged and faulty areas once the snow has melted. It won’t be as hard as fixing your fixtures compared to the winter season.

As mentioned earlier, faulty fixtures can result in water leakage and water drips. Since its the springtime, replace your old fixtures with new ones.If you notice that there is already rust in the pipes, don’t hesitate to replace them. They are more prone to damage, and the flowing water into your home can become infected. 

Remove the thoughts of regretting that you are spending your money since it is essential. Spending money on a more protected home and brand-new fixtures is better than risking your health to avoid spending money.

Call a helping hand

Plumbing system cleanup can be laborious in some areas. There are complex problems that are only possible with hiring professionals. While there are prevention measures for the plumbing system, there are times that it will need an extra hand. If your plumbing system requires repairs or regular maintenance, you can call Bay Area Roto-Rooter for residential plumbing services in San Francisco.