Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency

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Accidents are one of the most troublesome events a person can experience. These unfortunate events aren’t usually bad or severe. These are just moments that a person cannot control anymore. For example, you accidentally hit your toe on a corner of the sofa. You did not intentionally want that, but it still happens.

In a house, there are a lot of accidents that anyone can experience. These emergencies always come in the least expected way possible. However, even though you are not expecting it, if you are familiar with and prepared for what to do, you can always overcome the challenges. Some things can happen inside your home, like faulty heaters, broken appliances, or even water damage.

Plumbing emergencies can be tough to handle for some, but when you know what to do, you can always avoid these things from happening and prevent them from spreading when it happens. Many factors can cause plumbing emergencies, like water damage or water leakage. So, what are the procedures to do when facing situations like this?


As soon as you feel a leakage or any plumbing emergency in your home, don’t panic; clear out the area as quickly as possible. Once done, locate where the water source is coming from. Moved all the things and objects that might get in the way or be prone to damage. Moving items like furniture and appliances during a plumbing emergency would be best.

Appliances and other electronic things where the water may leak can lead to a short circuit that can electrify you. It will become a headache when these things are left unattended. Instead of focusing on repairing damaged areas, you will spend more money on repairing your appliances. There is a risk of getting hurt when the devices are soaked with water.

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Right after the area where the water is leaking has been cleared out, shut off your water supply immediately. Although there is a possibility that some parts of your house are already soaked, you can still prevent it from spreading inside the house. The leaking will stop once you shut off the water, and the risk of getting into the other parts of your home will reduce. If there’s a pipe burst, there is a chance that the other pipes will eventually build some pressure and also break down.

It is ideal to have a water supply shut-off valve near you so that you can quickly shut it down once this emergency happens. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which step to take first. Plumbing emergencies are occasionally mild, so clearing your things is a wise option instead of running outside and shutting the water off.

In a battle, once a soldier has been injured, they clear them off outside the battlefield first before treating them. Like your appliances, once you save them from harm, you can avoid treating them for potential damage and focus more on the bursting pipe.


Once you shut off the water, the remaining water will still flow in the pipes. You must be patient before cleaning them since that is only the first step. To avoid getting your walls or floor even more soaked, get a bucket and let the remaining water inside it. You can also check your garden hose, faucets, and other pipes to see if the water has stopped flowing. After you confirm the pipes are empty, you can start cleaning the soaked area.


Plumbing emergencies aren’t always a homeowner’s fault. Sometimes, it happens in sewers and main water lines. If both of these areas are the source of water damage, you won’t be responsible for the expenses of the repairs. After contacting your water supply company, they will send a plumber to check what happens. So, check the source before accepting that you will spend money on repairs.

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Now that you’ve contacted your water supply to check the water damage outside your home, you can start cleaning up. Grab a bucket and mop to clean the areas that are soaked. Drying the carpet may need more time to drain, unlike floors with tiles. No worries, though, as there is always a tool to help you with that. You can grab a vacuum or a blower to dry the carpet right after you’ve cleaned them.

If the water that goes in is dirty, you can use detergents to help you clean up. Put soaps and detergents on your floor or carpet, use a pressure vacuum to suck up the dirt, and dry it with microfiber towels to drain all the remaining dirt and water.


Usuallythings happen that are beyond your control. If you’ve done it all but weren’t enough, contacting a plumbing expert might be the answer. An emergency plumber in Daly City will always be available in case of an emergency. Once you’ve contacted them, give them all the information needed, such as the source or the cause to help them understand the situation better. Make sure to get a quote because other companies might charge you right after you tell them the information.


Plumbing emergencies are a challenging situation. It can hurt your valuable things, your house, your health, and your wallet. Good thing that there are reliable plumbing services in Daly City that can help you fix what’s broken and helps prevent it from happening again. Call them up, worry less about repairing your home, and let the professionals do it for you.