Why Invest in Professional Drain Cleaning?

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People often think of drain cleaning as a simple, DIY project you can do with hand tools and a snake. But this allows easier clogs to build up and worsen over the years. A professional with the experience and training will be better equipped to clear drains than experimenting homeowners.


Is paying a reputable drain cleaning service in San Francisco a wise investment? Yes, and here are the reasons why:


DIY drain cleaning is not recommended.

DIY drain cleaning is risky. Homeowners can be electrocuted, chemically burned, or gas exploded. Additionally, homeowners may safely and effectively clean their drains.

  • Hot water 
    • Hot water followed by Drano or Liquid Plumber is the most typical DIY drain-cleaning procedure. This procedure does not eliminate obstructions and can damage pipes and septic tanks if used too often.
  • Plungers
    • Plungers are another standard DIY drain-cleaning option. However, they force the clog further into the pipe. Plungers should also operate better on hair, paper towels, and other things that block bathroom and kitchen drains.
  • Electric eel
    • An electric eel tool and boiling water are a third DIY drain-cleaning option. This procedure only works on particular clogs or large ones built over time.


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It is more than just a one-time job.

Drain cleaning is an ongoing process. When you clean your drains regularly, you can eliminate grease, hair, and other things that could seriously damage your house.

Cleaning your drains regularly keeps your home healthy because it keeps water from backing up into the sink or tub and damaging your floors or walls. In addition to these benefits, regular drain cleaning will reduce the chance of flooding from water that backs up in drains because of obstructions or blockages. It can cause mold to grow in lines and cause breathing problems.


Keeps your house clean and healthy.

A clean, healthy house needs to have its drains cleaned regularly. Long-term effects of a clogged drain include:

  • The growth of mold and mildew.
  • An increased risk of disease spread.
  • Allergies caused by mold particles that get into the air.
  • Flooding occurs if too much water backs into the sink or toilet bowl.


Environment safety is maintained.

Professional drain cleaning services use safe, non-polluting chemicals and solvents that do not hurt the water quality or underground. Some biodegradable chemicals break down quickly after being used.

Professional drain cleaners use tools that hurt the environment as little as possible. When cleaning a drain, for example, they try to avoid using a lot of water because it can cause floods and damage to property. Also, they use high-pressure water jets that are strong enough to clear any blockage without hurting lines or walls.


Insured and guaranteed service.

You can get a warranty when you work with a professional drain cleaning business. A guarantee is a way of ensuring that your drain cleaning will perform and last. When choosing a reputable drain cleaning business, you can ask for one.


Stay in line with health regulations.

There are many perks to hiring a professional drain cleaner. One of the most important is to continue to follow health rules.

Avoid fines. 

In many places, getting rid of trash and saving water are governed by strict rules. They will give you a fine if you do not follow these rules.

Avoid mistakes.

Imagine that your plumbing system is not working correctly. It could lead to legal action against you from the government and private parties, such as neighbors or maintenance specialists who were called after an accident caused by bad plumbing at your home. It could also cause a lot of damage to both your house and the area around it.


It is a smart purchase.

Professional drain cleaning is often far less expensive than you might think. Even without work costs or the cost of emergency service calls, the average homeowner spends between $80 and $100 or more every two years on DIY drain cleaning services. Hiring a professional every two years can save hundreds of dollars over a decade or more.


Ensure safety and ease of mind.

Being a homeowner means knowing how clean and safe your drains are. If you hire a professional drain cleaning service, you can be sure that your pipes will be cared for no matter what. 


When appropriate, drain cleaning companies can also offer hydro jetting and rooter services in addition to services like video inspection, rodding, and snaking. Also, they provide emergency drain cleaning in San Francisco around the clock, so if you have a plumbing problem, someone will always be available to fix it immediately.


Sewer lines can be hard to work with because they contain raw sewage and other potentially harmful materials that could cause significant injury if mishandled. To avoid this risk, leave this job to experts with the tools and equipment.

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Proper aftercare

Cleaning out drains is a messy job. You can find yourself knee-deep in muck, sludge, and slime. Many homeowners decide not to take on this job because they do not want to get dirty or have to clean up the mess afterward.

If you want to avoid cleaning your home’s drains yourself, hiring professionals is the best thing you can do. A professional drain cleaner will also clean up after themselves.


Be proactive with the upkeep of your home’s plumbing.

Taking a proactive approach to upkeep your home’s plumbing is essential for maintaining a functional and efficient household. You can save time, money, and inconvenience by staying vigilant and addressing potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs. Regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and timely repairs are crucial to ensuring the longevity of your plumbing system. 

Remember, a little effort now can go a long way in preserving the integrity of your pipes, preventing leaks, and keeping the comfort and convenience of your home. So, be proactive, stay informed, and prioritize the health of your plumbing to enjoy a stress-free and smoothly-running household for years to come.