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Types of water heater

If you need help with a water heater in Bay Area, Brisbane, Colma, Daly City or San Francisco, then Roto Rooter is your go to guy. Many consider them the best choice for residential and commercial plumbing services. They are available every day of the year and they offer 24/7 emergency call outs.

A water heater is something you take for granted until there is a problem. The problem often manifests itself in the form of no hot water. When that happens, you want fast and effective service and water heater repair.

There are many different types of commercial and residential water heaters.  You get gas water heaters, electric heaters, tankless water heaters and solar water heater. The certified plumbers at Roto Rooter can repair and service all type of water heaters.

You have many options when it comes to choosing a water heater. They are available in different sizes, have different fuel sources and can have different applications. The most common size water heater has 40 – 50-gallon tank and are mostly found in residential homes. Larger homes will likely have a water heater of around 70 gallons.  Larger models are mostly found in commercial settings such as hotels, hospitals, dormataries and so on.

The most common fuel sources for water heaters include gas, electricity and solar power.  The type of fuel source and influence cost and your carbon footprint.  Whatever size of water heater or whatever fuel source, Roto Rooted can help you with installation, repairs and maintenance.

So whether you need a gas water heater in the Bay Area, an electric heater in Brisbane, a solar water heater in Colma, a residential water heater in Daly City or a commercial water heater in San Francisco, then Roto Rooter can help.


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