Carol Bergan

Our gutter downspouts & the drainfields for each were very clogged with years of tree needles etc. We tried diligently to clean & hose them out ,usually in a rain storm with water running on our patios & decks. Plumbers really had no options & then we called Roto- Rooter. Farid arrived timly, explained the process & his specialized equipment , took downspouts off ,cleaned them, jet sprayed the drainfields ,put all back together & fully cleaned up the mess. I recommend Farid & this service with my highest recommendation & we are already advising friends & real estate agents that we work with, of the service, as I’m sure it is a common problem in the northwest. Farid was courteous , polite, prompt & professional. Finally, the costs for the job were very reasonable given the result of solving the hassle of dealing with the issue. Thank You, Farid & Roto-Rooter, Gary